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Here you can find VEA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, recently signed MOU’s, and our By-Laws and Constitution.

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Archived Contracts

Tentative Agreement 2016-2017 New Evaluation Language 2014Tentative Agreement 2014 VEA/VCUSD 2008-12 Collective Bargaining Agreement Ratified Agreement for the 2014-2016 School Year Various Contractual Agreements, including 9th Grade Academy – February 2011


  MOU 2019-2020 Elementary Prep Days Memorandum of Understanding 1.2 Contract Minimum Days MOU 2018-2019 MOU 2017-2018 Elementary Minimum Days Aeries Gradebook MOU MOU 2016-2017 Minimum Days Rate of Pay – Class Substitution Extra Service Pay Date 2015-2016 0-7th Period for High School 2015-2016 Elementary Minimum Days Schedule 2015-2016 Non-Teaching Position Evaluations Signing Bonus for …

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    • JoAnna Chocooj on February 17, 2013 at 12:42 pm
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    Hi! Thanks for posting contract! But I can’t find reference to reportcards or previous language relating to professional duties & disrict’s limitations on adding to same. Where should we look? Highland’s principal (& potentially others will be tempted to follow suit) is trying to add to report card reqirements. Staff members willing to grieve, but unclear which contract article to site. Need to present it to them Tues. am if possible, ascfolks are beginning to work on them now. Thanks!

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