Bargaining Update: Impact of Prop 30

The VEA Bargaining Team met with the District’s Bargaining Team on Thursday, November 15th ┬áto discuss the passage of Prop 30. Based on the contingency language in the agreement ratified last year, it appears that we are getting some days restored. We are unable to more specific at this time as the District still needs to meet with CSEA.

Pay impacted by the furlough days may be restored as early as the February paycheck.

We hope to have complete clarification on all days restored and the impact on pay by early December.

VEA Bargaining Team Members:

Sheila Gradwohl, Chair, Janny Latno, Carol Bishop, Marnee’ McKenzie, Cynthia Davis, Diane Klinge, Leanne Duden


    • Sandra Clark on November 25, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Thank you for this information. I’ve just been on the CalSTRS website and not found anything mentioned re legislation that was pending as early as last spring re modifying the salaries earned in light of furlough days’ cost to income. With my retirement approaching in the next couple of years, I am wondering how many “service days” credit we lose per school year due to the furlough days. Is it a one day loss for each day furloughed? Or does it factor out higher due to other variables in the CalSTRS formula? If we get these days back this year, will we be notified exactly how many service days are considered official for this school year’s STRS tally? Thanks much for the clarification. :0} Sandy

  1. Great questions! Look for an update on the impact of furloughs & retirement on here soon!

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