Jan 03

2020 NEA Representative Assembly- Delegates Wanted

Application for local delegate to the NEA Representative Assembly on the July 1-July 7, 2020. Please fill out the application attached and email to vallejoedassoc@gmail.com by Friday, January 31, 2020.

ELECTIONS WILL BE HELD FROM FEBURARY 18, 2020 TO FEBRAURY 27, 2020 Forms are available from your site rep and can also be found on the VEA website at myvea.org. You can also request an electronic copy sending an email to vallejoedassoc@gmail.com.

Include a 30-word Statement of Candidacy.

For the NEA/RA Delegates

  • Each Delegate is expected to attend all business meetings of the Representative Assembly, any speeches by prominent national figures, or any of the committee hearings, and to remain throughout the Convention.
  • Each Delegate will be expected to attend all caucuses of the California Delegation.  Normally, the caucus begins at 7:00 a.m. daily.  Delegates must be registered with the California Delegation to participate in the caucus.  Each Delegate is also expected to participate in all activities of the California Delegation.
  • Each local (Chapter) Delegate will be expected to sit with the Redwood Service Center Council on the R.A. floor.
  • Each Delegate should take into consideration the CTA State council and caucus policy when voting.