VEA Leadership

Site Representatives

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Executive Officers

Sheila Gradwohl President Ph: 707-649-3926 (VEA office) cell: 707-552-8487 – MarneĆ© McKenzie Vice President – Sue Levy Secretary – Henry Sun Treasurer – CTA State Council Representatives: Steve Quinlan – Scott Heinecke –

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Directors – Adult School, Child Development/TK, Special Ed, and K-8

Effie Dudley Adult School Director – ————————————————————— Loree Tackmier CDC/TK Director – ————————————————————— Robert Simmons Special Education Director – School Site Responsibilities: Elementary Special Education, Adult Transition, Kaiser Outreach, Speech Pathologist, and back-up for Secondary (Middle School & High School). ————————————————————— Cory Lynch-Grant K-8 Director – School Site Responsibilities: Loma Vista, …

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Directors – Elementary, Middle School, and High School

Rosa Silveira Elementary Director – School Site Responsibilities: Dan Mini, Steffan Manor, Widenmann, Glen Cove, Lincoln ————– Elementary Director – unfilled School Site Responsibilities: Highland, Patterson, Wardlaw, Beverly Hills ————————————————————— Irene Western Middle School Director – School Site Responsibilities: Franklin Middle, Solano Middle, Hogan Middle ——————————————- Steve Quinlan High School Director – …

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CTA State Council Representative

Lynette Henley – Scott Heinecke –

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MarneĆ© McKenzie Bargaining   Kevin Steele Grievance Chair   Marie McPherson Elections Chair  

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