Evaluations, Calendar Survey & Organizing Committee

Almost every year we have unit members raise valid issues and concerns regarding the evaluation process. We have around 70 new colleagues this year, so I really think it is important to makes sure that there is a clear understanding of this process.
Attached you will find the CSTP’s quick guide. I’ve pulled the Standards & each objective directly from our contract into this new document. I’ve attached both the Word document & the PDF document as people like to use both. (This document may be different from the one sent out earlier – please disregard the earlier document and use the attached.)
Remember with the evaluation process, unit members are supposed to pick an OBJECTIVE from a STANDARD – not select the whole STANDARD. (I’ve already seen one communication from a site administrator who wrote that the STANDARD was the objective – this is incorrect!)
As an example, if I want to work on Standard 1:  Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning
·   Using knowledge of students to engage them in learning
·   Connecting learning to students’ prior knowledge, backgrounds, life experiences & interests
·   Connecting subject matter to meaningful, real-life contexts
·   Using a variety of instructional strategies, resources, & technology to meet students’ diverse learning needs
·   Promoting critical thinking through inquiry, problem solving, & reflection
·   Monitoring student learning & adjusting instruction while teaching

Each bullet point is an OBJECTIVE. Unit members under Process A, may select one objective from three different standards, or 3 objectives from one standard, or one objective from two standards and one standard. However, as you can see just from Standard 1 referenced above, being evaluated on every single bullet point times three different standards would be virtually impossible.
Again, using the example above, as someone under Process B, I could select Standard 1, second bullet – “connecting learning to students’ prior knowledge, backgrounds, life experiences & interests.” My evaluation plan is then developed from that objective.
Unit members under Process A have two formal observations. Unit members under Process B, the evaluation shall include self evaluation & may include classroom observation(s) and/or other mutually acceptable evaluation techniques (11.2.3).
Everything that is mutually agreed upon between the evaluator and unit member needs to be clearly articulated in the evaluation plan. 
I am encouraging unit members to reach out to our new colleagues to help them through this process.
Calendar Survey & Committee
Continue to take the online survey OR the hard-copy survey on the calendar. One of the concerns expressed was the desire for VEA to share the results. I will makes sure that this happens so that people will know going into the process what information will be shared with the District.
My plan is to notify those who want to be on the committee by next Tuesday, October 1st, through District e-mail. We will also schedule our first committee meeting within the next couple of weeks.
Organizing Committee
We are looking for unit members for our Organizing Committee. VEA will have its first bargaining session with the District next Thursday, October 3rd. The Organizing Committee will examine effective ways to best support our Bargaining Team in their efforts.
I am also looking at scheduling a meeting for next Thursday, October 3rd starting at 4:30 – location TBD, for a Bargaining Update & to provide additional information for anyone who is interested in being on the Organizing Committee.