Important VEA Updates

Class Sizes
Per Article 10.2.1, site managers have 10 student days to adjust class sizes or caseloads. On the 11th student day, members start notifying their managers if they continue to be over. Payment for overages begin on the 11 student day, however, site managers have an additional five student days to bring class size or caseloads into compliance with the contract.

Per Article 11.3 – unit members need to be notified no later than the 3rd Friday of September that they are to be evaluated.

Process A
If you are probationary, received an unsatisfactory evaluation or were moved from Process B to A at the end of the school year (last year), you will jointly select 3 objectives from the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP’s). Please remember – the process is to jointly select 3 objectives – not have your site administrator select 3 whole standards.

If an agreement cannot be reached on the 3 objectives between the unit member and the site manager , the unit member selects two objectives and the site manager selects two objectives for a total of 4 objectives evaluated.

Process B
If you are permanent status, you will jointly select one objective from CSTP’s. Again, this should not be the WHOLE standard, rather it should be an objective from the standard itself.

If an agreement cannot be reached on the objectives between the unit member and the site manager , the unit member selects 1 objective and the site manager selects 1 objective for a total of 2 objectives evaluated.

Under both Process A and B – unit members need to meet with their evaluator no later than October 15th to select the objective(s).

Anything you sign on your evaluation plan, you are agreeing to be evaluated on. It is important to be actively engaged in this process. This is YOUR evaluation plan to help support YOUR practice.

Confidentiality Form
VEA supports the idea presented by the District on confidentiality. Our bottom line is and continues to be that confidentiality needs to be protected for our students and our members. Confidentiality is covered under Federal Law and State Law. We are in agreement that a form should be provided to members to remind them of the importance of confidentiality. We are in disagreement only on the language that is being provided to members.

We further believe that when it comes to the rights of our members, any changes that the District is proposing needs to be bargained with its bargaining units. Therefore, we are urging members to sign the attached form in lieu of the one provided by the District. We also believe that confidentiality is already codified as stated earlier and there may be some members who object to signing this form. Either way, we believe the decision to sign or not sign is up to each individual member and VEA will support the decision of each individual member.