Payment on Overages

If you have had overages since the beginning of the school year, you might want to check your paystub, especially if you are a secondary teacher.

For secondary teachers (middle school and high school), overages are paid $3.00 per student, per period. For elementary teachers, payment for overages is $15.00 per student, per day.

The District made a mistake and have paid some secondary teachers $15.00 per student, per period. Please do not assume that if the District made the mistake and does not catch the mistake, you do not have to pay them back when they do catch the mistake. However, the District cannot arbitrarily take the money you owe them out of your paycheck. They need to let you pay back the money and the repayment plan should be one that is mutually acceptable to both the employee and employer. The repayment plan will most likely need to end by the end of the current school year. Most of the time, repayment plans cannot go into the next school year unless it is an extraordinary circumstance.

If you have a question about your paycheck and a possible overpayment, please contact the Payroll Department at and cc to Christal Watts, VEA President at .