Proceed with caution – Do NOT sign! (updated)

VCUSD plans to unveil a “confidentiality” form that teachers may be asked to sign upon returning to school this week. VEA believes that confidentiality of student information is a vital interest that must be protected. However, VEA has serious concerns about the ambiguity of this form and plans to urge the District to meet with VEA leadership to discuss concerns expressed.

We are urging all VEA members to not sign the confidentiality form (which may be labeled “certificate”) until this matter has been settled.

It is our understanding that school sites may roll this out tomorrow. We have met with the District to express our concerns with the confidentiality form. We have requested that the form is modified to include language that any disciplinary action must follow due process as defined by the California Education Code. We have further asked that the Board Policies (BP) referenced in the agreement is attached to the agreement.

We are again requesting that this form NOT be signed unless the two items requested above are in the form provided to members. We are encouraging members to speak to their site manager about this concern and ask that everyone remember that they are just the messenger.