Updates on Calendar and Evaluations

VEA Calendar Survey
Unit members should receive a hard copy of the calendar survey in their mailboxes within the next few days. For those to prefer to take it online, an online version has been created. As always, only do ONE survey – either the hard copy or the online version – do not do both! The online survey does require that members put in either their last name/school site OR their CTA membership number. We are doing this only for verification purposes and will be verified by Martha Hatcher, our VEA Office Manager.  This information will be removed from the survey prior to giving it to the calendar committee.
Hard copies of the survey should be given to your VEA Site Rep no later than October 10th. Site Reps should bring any completed surveys to the Rep Council meeting on October 10th.
Unit members who were supposed to be evaluated for this school year should have received notification by this past Friday. If your site administrator failed to notify you in writing that you would be evaluated by this date, you do not have to agree to be evaluated for this school year.
Selecting Objectives – Evaluation Process
  • Unit members who are under Process A: No later than October 15th, the unit member and the evaluator jointly select three objectives from the “California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP).” If the unit member and evaluator cannot agree on the three objectives, the unit member and evaluator each select two objectives for a total of four objectives.
  • Unit members who are under Process B: No later than October 15th, the unit member and the evaluator jointly select one objective from the CSTP’s. If the unit member and the evaluator cannot agree on one objective, then each select one objective for a total of two objectives.
  • Your objective(s) should not be the whole standard. For example, if I am choosing Standard 2, I could select 2-4, which states that my plan will be about “establishing and maintaining standards for student behavior.” From this objective, my evaluator and I would develop a plan as to what they expect to see and what I will do in order to reach this objective.
Important Points to keep in mind
What has been reported to VEA numerous times in the past few years is that some site administrators present a completed plan to members. This is NOT how the process is supposed to work.
  • This is YOUR evaluation to help you develop as a teacher.
  • Your plan should not be identical to your colleagues.
  • Unit members can do one of two things if there is a dispute regarding their evaluation plan:
    • 1. Sign but add a note that you are objecting to the plan and will file grievance. Do this right next to your signature and date it.
    • 2. Do not sign it and inform your evaluator that you plan to file a grievance.
  • If the objective selected does not require an observation, you do not need to agree to have observations as part of your evaluation plan.
    • This does not mean that your site administrator cannot come in to observe you.
    • It does mean that no observation and/or walkthrough can be used in your final evaluation report.
    • As always, document any time an administrator is in your room and ask for a copy of anything that is written.
Here is a copy of the CSTP’s (quick guide).