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Here you can find VEA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, recently signed MOU’s, and our By-Laws and Constitution.

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Archived Contracts

Tentative Agreement 2016-2017 New Evaluation Language 2014Tentative Agreement 2014 VEA/VCUSD 2008-12 Collective Bargaining Agreement Ratified Agreement for the 2014-2016 School Year Various Contractual Agreements, including 9th Grade Academy – February 2011


MOU 2019-2020 Elementary Prep Days Memorandum of Understanding 1.2 Contract Minimum Days MOU 2018-2019 MOU 2017-2018 Elementary Minimum Days Aeries Gradebook MOU MOU 2016-2017 Minimum Days Rate of Pay – Class Substitution Extra Service Pay Date 2015-2016 0-7th Period for High School 2015-2016 Elementary Minimum Days Schedule 2015-2016 Non-Teaching Position Evaluations Signing Bonus for Hard …