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Bargaining Briefs

March 2014

  • The VEA Bargaining Team met with the District on Thursday, March 20, 2014.
  • We are experiencing difficulty on reaching agreement on many of our proposed items.
  • VEA will continue to work to begin a restoration of our wages based on the current 2013-2014 budget.
  • At this point it is critical that members stay informed and get involved!
  • We will continue to keep our process confidential, and will not be specific with information, in order comply with the good faith labor practices of bargaining.
  • We have scheduled bargaining dates on April 10th, 17th, and 24th
  • Our goal is to present a proposed contract for ratification by the beginning of May.
  • Action Team will develop an Action Plan with CTA on April 7th.




For immediate bargaining updates, please send your personal email to your bargaining contact below:  

Janny : Loma Vista, Highland, Wardlaw, and Solano Middle

Marnee’ McKenzie– : Cave, Cooper, Steffan, Pennycook  and Hogan Middle.

Carol :  Jesse Bethel, Vallejo High, Franklin Middle and Hogan Middle

Leanne : Mare Island, Patterson, Federal Terrace, and Vallejo Charter

Diane :  Glen Cove, Peoples, Beverly Hills, and Vallejo Charter

Kathy :  Widenmann, Dan Mini, and Lincoln