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Connecting with VEA

VEA is always seeking new ways to inform our members. We have done this through a variety of ways, using more traditional methods of communication, such as site deliveries of VEA Voice (our newsletter) and the President’s Report.
Through the use of social media, VEA also has a Facebook page, which is open to the community and a VEA Private Group – only open to current and retired VEA members. (You must be approved to join the private group.)

You can “like us” on Facebook by clicking on the Facebook box to the left. You can follow us on “Twitter” as well. Click on the Twitter box to the left.

VEA also has an electronic newsletter, “E-Letter”, which you can sign up for by completing the form in the right-hand column. To receive time-sensitive updates and reminders, VEA members can join our text message system. You can join our group by texting 8487 to one of the following numbers:
720-412-3868 | 720-731-0335 | 720-412-9354

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