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When a unit member believes their site and/or district administrator has violated the contract, the unit member can file a grievance. Keep in mind that timelines need to be strictly adhered to by the unit member. Unit members can file grievances on their own or they can receive help from the Association.

If you have questions about filing a grievance, please contact the VEA Director responsible for your grade level. You can find your VEA Director by clicking on the  “VEA Leadership” tab.

Grievance Timeline

  • Informal Levels
    • Prior to filing a formal grievance, you need to discuss the alleged grievance with your site manager.
  • Level I
    • With 20 days of an alleged contract violation you must submit the written grievance to the appropriate manager.
    • The manager must respond to the grievance within 10 days after receiving the grievance.
  • Level II
    • If you are not satisfied with the response at Level I or if you failed to receive a response, you may, within 10 days, submit an appeal to the Human Resources Department.
    • Within 10 days, the Human Resources Department must schedule a conference with you to discuss the grievance.
    • Human Resources must provide you and your site manager with a written response to the grievance within 15 days of the conference.
  • Level III
    • If you do not accept the Level II decision from HR, the unit member may request a hearing before a Grievance Panel. This request must be received within 15 days.
    • The Grievance Panel should convene within 30 days from when the request was submitted.
  • Level IV
    • If you do not accept the Level III decision or there was no response, the VEA Executive Board may submit your grievance to binding arbitration within 20 days of the response or with 20 days of the date the response was due.