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President’s Report – February 2014

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President’s Message


Happy New Year!


As I reflect upon the many changes that occurred during 2013, both personal and professional, I can’t help but think that things are starting to look up. I’ve gotten over the shock of becoming president and am learning how to balance my new role with being a classroom teacher.  The State of California has promised to fund its schools at a more reasonable level, the financial health of our own school district has improved, and while we don’t agree on the amount, everyone acknowledges that all the employees of Vallejo Unified School District deserve better compensation.


With the positive changes in the financial outlook, it’s time for everyone to work together to help our Bargaining Team negotiate the best contract possible. The District and the School Board need to understand that the Bargaining Team represents VEA’s members. The District needs to know that this is what YOU want, expect, and deserve.


In the near future, you will be asked to show your support. You may be asked to show up at School Board meetings, write letters, attend rallies, or make phone calls. Your participation in these actions will send a clear message. It tells the District that you support you Bargaining Team and expect the District to negotiate a fair contract. Remember there is strength in numbers. The more people involved, the greater our strength.



Sheila Gradwohl