Information on 2012-13 VCUSD Buy Back Days

This is per Cheri Summers, Chief Academic Officer, regarding our Optional Buy Back Days on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 14th and 15th. This information is being mailed out to all certificated staff.

GEARING UP FOR 2012-2013

Optional Staff Development Days

August 14-15, 2012


Site based professional development will be held at many of our sites.  Certificated staff members will receive agendas from the site administrators.  Training will be held at:

August 14: BH, CA, HI, LV, MI, PA, VC, WA

August 15:  BH, CA, DM, FT, HI, LV, MI, PA, PE, SM, VC, PHS


Specialized professional development on August 14 and 15 will be held for several groups.  If you are scheduled to attend one of these trainings you will be informed by your site administrator and you will be provided an agenda.

Restorative Justice @ Location to be determined

Middle School STEAM @ Vallejo High School


If you are not being provided site based or specialized professional development you may attend the K-12 professional development sessions being held at Vallejo High School.  The agenda for this event is on the back of this page.  Please note: This event is available ONLY to those not provided one of the sessions above. 


Certificated staff attending any of the above events will be paid $250 per day according to the VCUSD Contract with VEA.  

K-12 Choice Sessions

August 14-15, 2012

Vallejo High School

The following sessions will be offered:

Math Content: K-2, 3-5 and 10-12

Common Core Standards: K-12

ELD Curriculum: K-5

Classroom Procedures: K-12

Exceptional Lessons and Lesson Planning: K-12

Literacy in the Content Areas: 4-12

Differentiated Instruction: K-12


The following AGENDA will be followed both days:




Choice Session A


Lunch will be provided


Choice Session B