Teacher/Educator Survey Results

From May 5, 2013 until May 17, 2013, a survey was open to VEA members. A link was provided on this website as well as through VCUSD district e-mail. 176 responses came from the link provided through the district e-mail and 88 responses came from the link provided on the website.

The results of this survey are posted below.

1. Are you currently looking for a teaching/education position in another school district?

Yes     31.8%
No 68.2%

2. Do you feel that District Administration generally supports the work of teachers/educators in their classrooms?

Yes 25.4%
No 75.8%

3. Do you feel safe on your school campus?

Yes 53.0%
No 47.0%

4. Has a school board member visited your school site this school year?

Yes 45.5%
No 55.3%

5. Do you believe that PBIS has been an efective strategy on your campus?

Yes 38.3%
No 64.4%

comments about PBIS:
“If PBIS is an effective strategy for working with people, then why aren’t the Administrators and Superintendent modeling the same strategy in their own interactions with us? The lack of training on how to deal with SEVERE Behaviors is of great concern. I have no problem with learning a new strategy, but the community must adopt it for it to show systemic results.”

“The students have no consequences for their actions anymore and they continue to repeat undesirable behaviors because there are no real consequences for their behavior.”

“It will take sometime to implement and adjust these new ideas on discipline and consequences.”

“For the majority of students, PBIS is working, but there are a few outlier (Tier 3) students whom PBIS is not working for.”
6. Do you believe restorative justice has been an effective strategy on your campus?

Yes 16.7%
No 84.6%

Comments about restorative justice:
“I’m not sure what it is or what its purpose is or whether or not students have any buy-in. Teens are very conscious of what’s fair and what’s unjust but they are not involved in “restorative justice”. Are they?”

“Very few teachers even understand the concept behind this program and little to no explanation or training has been given to support the process whatever it is. The district officials make it sound as though it is in place throughout the district but in reality very few individuals at our site know or understand how it is being used. We have very few support systems for our students and don’t see how they are being “restored” or rehabilitated.”

“Not enough time for all interested parties to meet and work out agreeable solutions to problems. Training for implementation of restorative justice seems inadequate.”

“We have not implemented all of the strategies of Restorative Justice, but theones we have in place are proven effective. I can’t wait to implement all of Restorative Justice next year. We have some great ideas for promoting a healthy and engaging school climate using Restorative Justice.”