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Teacher/Educator Survey Results

From May 5, 2013 until May 17, 2013, a survey was open to VEA members. A link was provided on this website as well as through VCUSD district e-mail. 176 responses came from the link provided through the district e-mail and 88 responses came from the link provided on the website. The results of this …

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Solano County Grand Jury Report on VHS

Last week, a report was released by the Solano County Grand Jury regarding safety concerns at Vallejo High School. VEA will be releasing a statement regarding the report within the next few days. Solano County Grand Jury Report – VHS

Quick survey on Vallejo teachers/educator satisfaction

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VCUSD lowers standards on acceptable behavior

AR 1250 – Community Relations:Principal’s Registration Authority has replaced BP 1314, which used to be known as the “Civility Policy.” Both policies are posted below in their entirety. AR 1250 – Community Relations: Principal’s Registration Authority The principal or designee may refuse to register any outsider if he/she reasonably concludes that the individual’s presence or …

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Numbers don’t tell the whole story

This letter is in regards to the recent article, “Vallejo district to avoid major budget cuts,” (April 25). In this article, the Superintendent speaks to the drastic reduction in school suspensions and expulsions. She states the District is not looking the other way on student behaviors, rather that students are being suspended for suspendable offenses. …

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District seeks to ban and illegally confiscate teachers’ personal property

VEA has issued a demand to bargain on the letter that was sent today by VCUSD employee Denise Brogan-Whitford, most likely at the the direction of new District Administrator, Stephen Lane. This letter was sent to all VEA members and issued the directive to stop immediate use of personal appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, and …

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School Site Safety: A concern for students, teachers, and staff

On Thursday, November 3rd, the teachers at Steffan Manor took a courageous step. After a student brought a hammer to school and threatened the teacher with it, the student was suspended for three days. The student was supposed to return to the same classroom where the assault occurred. The teachers decided together that parents at …

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